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The mission is "making it simple" by the tech applied into the product, for easy to use, and enhancement of the customer experience. We have our own understanding on the forming factors on business model with three major parts as marketing, product(R&D) and operatione, and have the experiences on the integration of all resources in effective way and have the solid proof on the running of the business

    ●  Marketing: Pain-releasing
    ●  Product: Easy to use
    ●  Operations: Closed-loop and location

The sales strategy is to make business successful by keeping operational profit as the target. To gain this fundamental business target, we would like to work with the business partners for the following sections:

1.  Understand each other the strengths and weakness, and re-align the both parties resources to form the appropriate sales strategy
2. Sign on the NDA and master agreement for the longer-term business partnership
3. Work on either of our own branding or customer branding, and work closely on
    ●  The product(s) polishing and modification upon the marketing investing or feedbacks
    ●  Costing structure and product positioning
    ●  Collaborate on the Trade Show attendance
    ●  Authorize the Exclusive Channel on the sales and marketing

4. Work more on the new product introduction (NPI) by sharing the information on marketing trends, customer experience and both parties updates, so we both parties can go much further
5. Product – smartUV is a showcase on what we are now going on the way to success.