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By leveraging the history customer base on IT and consumer business sectors, we are much faster on the smartUV sales and marketing through the introduction of the product and through the Trade Shows. Up to date, the global marketing mapping as:

    ● Regions covers APAC, EMEA, NA, and SA
    ● Customer base: over 50
    ● Customer Type: Distributor and Chain stores

We mainly stay focus on the wearable electronics, safety-matters and healthcare related products, for the global distributions. Our strengths and capabilities are:

    ● Software/algorithms on AI: over 8 years experiences in the industries
    ● Hardware design: deep understanding the industrial design and marketing requirements
    ● Sales and Marketing: consumer behavior analysis
    ● SCM management: over 20 years in the industry and know well of Shenzhen, China as the OEM hub for worldwide support.

In summary, we can form our own business model for the specific product, and target the market globally. This is the way that we “making it simple”.